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The ULTIMATE guide to tailgating

By Anna Bryson College football season is the pinnacle to the undergrad experience. If you don’t attend your school football games, why are you in college? Here is your guide to the most important part of the experience: tailgating. First thing’s first: tailgate the tailgate. Wake up at 6 a.m. and have a wholesome breakfast […]

Uhuru candidates push against white nationalism and racism

By Anna Bryson Protesters gathered in front of St. Petersburg City Hall Wednesday in the wake of the recent violence between white nationalist protesters and counter protesters in Charlottesville, Va. The rally, organized by Communities United for Reparations and Economic Development (CURED), marched from City Hall on Fifth Street N to the Police Department on […]

Parking meter rates increase 50 percent over summer

By Anna Bryson If you’re just back in town for the fall semester, you are bound to notice one big change in downtown St. Petersburg: Parking prices in the area have jumped 50 percent. The city increased the $1 an hour parking meter rate to $1.50 on Beach Drive, and ended free parking on Central […]

More turmoil in SG: VP-elect abruptly resigns

By: Anna Bryson (annabryson@mail.usf.edu) & Tim Fanning (tfanning@mail.usf.edu) Just seven weeks after he was elected, the vice president-elect of Student Government has resigned. In a one-sentence email announcing his resignation on April 17, Samuel Goetz offered no reason for his decision. Earlier this month, he had cited academic reasons in explaining why he took a leave […]

The nipples that broke through the glass ceiling

I went braless for six months in order to protest societal norms regarding women’s clothing. I’ve heard countless stories of women protesting in a similar fashion, but last September I decided to make my own stand. This is my story. Let me be clear: this was NOT an easy task, however, I persevered through the […]

Pirates storm Tampa Bay at Gasparilla

Mateys from all over invaded Bayshore Boulevard this weekend to celebrate Tampa’s favorite extravaganza of debauchery. The cold weather didn’t seem to deter the people of Tampa from their annual display of intemperance in pirate garb. Truly like no other celebration in the world, Gasparilla is more than just Florida’s favorite college drinking day; it’s […]

In The Forest: Hulaween Music and Arts Festival 2016 Review

  In a forest along the Suwannee River, there are a precious few days when freedom, peace and equality all come together under the power of music. It’s an environment where inhibitions do not exist, where nobody is a stranger. Communities like this didn’t disappear with the flower generation some fifty years ago. Instead, they […]