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Business student fails to capture City Council seat

By Dinorah Prevost District 4 candidate and USF St. Petersburg student Jerick Johnston fell short in his race against incumbent Darden Rice Tuesday. The incumbent Rice won almost two-thirds of votes cast, 72.64 percent or 41,901 votes, according to the latest results. Johnston, 21, won 27.36 percent of votes or 15,783 votes. This was Johnston’s […]

Quiet students want to participate in class, they just need time

By Dinorah Prevost When I read my class syllabi every semester, the professor’s grade breakdown is the first section I look over. Not because I’m worried about the final or midterm exams — instead, I’m sweating over the class participation grade. For most students, participating is the easiest part of class. But for the quieter […]

A familiar photojournalist face on campus

By Dinorah Prevost You’ve seen him around campus: dark green cowboy hat, a mug or paper coffee cup in hand, sitting at the bar at The Campus Grind. He’s usually chatting with students and baristas or shooting photos at major events — his face masked by a Nikon camera. Curious passersby often confuse him for […]

Senior business management hopeful for Council seat

By Dinorah Prevost Another USF St. Petersburg student is vying for a City Council seat this November. Jerick Johnston, 21, a senior business management major, is running for St. Petersburg City Council’s District 4 seat against popular incumbent Darden Rice.   This run is Johnston’s first venture into politics. A St. Petersburg native, he is running […]

Tadlock: Let’s move forward

By Dinorah Prevost Amid the frustration that came after the former regional chancellor’s abrupt departure, Martin Tadlock, 63, has made it his mission to calm the nerves of students and faculty. Last week, the new leader of the university assured the campus community that things will proceed smoothly in the months ahead. Some of the […]

Alum and graduate student fall short in race for City Council seat

USF St. Petersburg alum Corey Givens Jr. and graduate student James Scott ran, but failed to grab the City Council’s district 6 seat. By Dinorah Prevost In Tuesday’s primary election, alum Corey Givens Jr. and graduate student James Scott fell short with their campaigns for St. Petersburg City Council’s District 6 seat. Local businessman Justin […]

Admins inquire about newspaper, oversight in question

By Timothy Fanning & Dinorah Prevost The new University Student Center was opening five years ago when The Crow’s Nest began publishing stories that raised questions about the way the facility was being financed. The reaction of university administrators was quick and fierce. Editors Christopher Guinn and Ren LaForme went to the Tampa campus expecting […]

Student band, Avenue Icon, releases first project

Brendon Porter leans across the bench we’re sitting on, unlocks his phone and turns the screen toward me. He opens a messaging app, the keyboard pops up and he glides a finger across it, random words appear in the text box. “I did this and it came up with two different words and they were […]

Modern hitchhiking: ride-share apps

As a rider, when you think of a major perk of ridesharing apps, chances are you may think practicality. No car, no money for gas, no desire to drive — whatever the case, it’s no problem when companies like Uber and Lyft exist. The convenience of the app has Sandra Acton, 41, a local resident, […]

No, I’m not adopted; Yes, she’s my “real” mom

I can’t count the number of times my mom and I have gotten double takes everywhere we go, from the supermarket to every school I’ve attended. In an increasingly diverse America where biracial couples are becoming less taboo and more visible, why the sight of a Hispanic mother and her biracial, black daughter garners so […]