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I went to a Donald Trump rally

A face-to-face encounter with the unconventional, yet conservative candidate.   Sarasota, FL—I went to a Donald Trump rally. And it was exactly what I expected. I didn’t go as a reporter. I didn’t have a press pass. I didn’t get any special seats. I went as a guy with a DSLR camera and tickets to […]

Would Jesus #FeeltheBern?

Who would Jesus vote for? Over the last four decades, Christian conservatives have overwhelmingly supported the Republican Party. But next year, when Evangelical voters make their way to the polls to help decide the future of this nation, I urge them to ponder, “What would Jesus do?” There’s one candidate who seems to epitomize the […]

The Populists: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders, I-VT., and Republican front-runner Donald Trump couldn’t be more fundamentally different. But somehow they have both obtained that pesky yet alluring populist label. How could two political polar opposites both serve as populist candidates in the same election? It’s because the country is bitterly divided. Trump and Sanders both represent the will of […]

The new normal

On the morning of Oct. 1 my phone buzzed. CNN informed me, informed me in one simple push notification, that another mass shooting had occurred—this time in Oregon. I let out a vocalized sigh, and without much hesitation or thought, I immediately went back to work. Is this the new normal? Since the massacre at […]

Bernie Sanders and the S word

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., has an electability problem. It isn’t because of his reliance on grassroots funding. It isn’t because he’s Jewish (but, in his words, “not particularly religious”). It’s because he’s a socialist. A liberal, freeloading, class-warfare-instigating socialist. Socialism – the S word. To many, the idea of socialism conjures up images of a […]

Opinion: Concealed carry on campus is a danger to us all

Have we learned nothing? Is it so hard to conceive that allowing more firearms in an environment will not reduce gun violence, but instead do just the opposite? I lived in Littleton, Colo. in the aftermath of one of the most tragic school shootings in the history of this country—the massacre at Columbine High School. […]

New Mr. Sun pioneered USF College of Marine Science

Former dean and pioneer of USF’s College of Marine Science, Dr. Peter Betzer, was honored with the esteemed title of “Mr. Sun” last month. Behind the decision, the selection committee cited Betzer’s unwavering dedication to science education for Pinellas youth, and his efforts that helped St. Petersburg become a renowned name in marine science and […]

Opinion: Farewell, Stephen Colbert. Hello, Larry Wilmore

The departure of Stephen Colbert and his decade long satirical news program, The Colbert Report, left a void in the hearts of many. The Colbert Report appealed to the same type of audience as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart—snarky, college-educated progressives under the age of 40.  But Colbert was unique in that his unprecedented […]

Noise complaints may bring changes to construction techniques

Residents of downtown St. Petersburg can take a collective sigh of relief. After nine months of incessant clanging caused by the construction of a new 19-story apartment complex near Third Street and Fourth Avenue South, the biggest culprit, a massive pile driver, came to a halt in January. The disturbances that downtown occupants have endured […]

Opinion: What Happened to “American Dad!?”

I loved “American Dad!.” So when the animated comedy was dropped from FOX last year after its 11th season, and then picked up by TBS, I was concerned but cautiously optimistic. In the beginning, the show’s doubters shared one common complaint—that it’s nothing but a cheap knockoff of “Family Guy.” The Smiths were nothing but […]