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Lea Umberger stared in disbelief at the sheer number of people walking down Baum Avenue Saturday night. Located off Central Avenue near the Green Bench Brewing Co., thousands of people gathered at Et Cultura, a local festival that celebrates St. Petersburg’s creative culture. Umberger worked tirelessly since January planning the 5-day event. “We wanted to […]

Castro’s Death Symbolic for Cubans

On Sunday, Michael Jimenez’s grandmother opened a bottle of wine that was given to her years ago for one specific purpose. The bottle read, “To open the day that Castro is dead.” Fidel Castro, longtime leader of Cuba’s communist revolution, died at 90 years old, Nov. 25. The news was nothing but relief for the […]

Chop it Up

By: Tamiracle Williams and Evy Guerra tamiracle@mail.usf.edu evelyng1@mail.usf.edu Food brings people together. Brittania Warren, the president of USFSP Cook Masters, said people love to talk about food just as much as they love to cook and eat. The idea of Cook Masters originally began in spring 2016 with a Facebook post on the USFSP The […]

Fear Factory Manufactures Horrific Sights

Two clowns brandishing weapons stood in the room. From the ceiling hung streamers and littered balloons strayed across the floor. As students walked tentatively along a confetti-spattered pathway, the painted faces followed. Then a figure screamed out from behind, reaching out their bloody hand. What normally would be the SLC gym was transformed into a […]

Diwali, The Festival of Lights, Illuminates Campus

As a freshman, Radhika Dang attended her first Diwali celebration on campus. The scheduled dancers canceled, but that didn’t stop her from celebrating. Dang stepped in and performed an impromptu dance. “It was really cool, each year it has kind of been like, ‘Oh those girls? They did the Diwali festival.’ Everybody kind of got […]

Students Put Their Best Heel Forward at Drag Show

  Colin Stanart didn’t have time to be nervous before his drag performance as Christi Spice. Instead, concentrating, he put on his makeup, heels and wig. On Oct. 17, the Multicultural Activities Council and Harborside Activities Board hosted Viva la Diva, a drag show that featured student performers, a professional drag queen and LGBTQ trivia. […]

‘It’s On Us’ Sexual Assault Awareness Campaign Returns To Campus

An estimated one in five women will be be sexually assaulted during their college years. Due to the growing problem of sexual assault on college campuses, the White House launched the It’s On Us awareness campaign in 2014. USF St. Petersburg will be taking part in the campaign for the second year in a row. […]

Campus Alumnus Brews New Pop-Up Shop

Jarrett Sabatini, owner and barista at Intermezzo Coffee, stands behind the bar in white Converse, jeans and a “Make Coffee Great Again” T-shirt. Sabatini says that out of the three weeks it’s been open, Saturday was the pop-up’s most active day. He can’t stop smiling.   Intermezzo has a clean aesthetic. Sabatini describes it as […]

New Murals “Shine” in St. Pete

Sixteen artists from around the state, country and world came together for this year’s SHINE Mural Festival. For the festival’s second year, it brought 16 new artists and 21 new large scale works of art. The 10-daylong event works towards uniting the community, broadening creativity and bringing new life to parts of the city. Meet […]

“Atlanta” Premieres With Peachy Ratings

“Paper Boi, Paper Boi, all about that paper, boy.” These words repeat over and over throughout the first episode of “Atlanta,” a TV show written and produced by Donald Glover. The generic, absurd rap song is the point of connection for the characters in the show, which satirizes the Atlanta rap scene. FX Networks and […]