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Letter to the editor: Clarifying the procedures and policies of the Wellness Center

By Dr. Anita Sahgal, director of the Wellness Center and Student Disability Services Editor’s note: This letter is in response to an article that ran in The Crow’s Nest on 10/02 titled “Wellness Center addresses demand for student counseling.” The author wanted to address any questions readers may have by explaining some of the Wellness […]

You’re not green if you consume animal products

Ask yourself: Who are you calling “crazy?”

“Crazy.” Whenever there’s an outrageous party, a bizarre movie in theaters or some strange coincidence, this is the word people use to express their feelings. This seemingly innocuous word is never censored on television and is used daily by people all the time. It is used for a multitude of reasons, from describing one’s hectic […]

You’re not green if you consume animal products

The fragility of athletes

The hockey micro-verse on Twitter blew up on Wednesday afternoon when a Newsday article about goaltender Rick DiPietro hit the web. My timeline was covered with quotes from New York Islanders’ goalie talking about how much it hurt that the Islanders waived him and sent him to the minors. The really disturbing part of the […]