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President failed to appease her fiercest critics

By Timothy Fanning When the president of the USF system abruptly removed Regional Chancellor Sophia Wisniewska last month, no critic was fiercer than professor Raymond Arsenault. The ouster, he said, was “more like an execution than a resignation.” He slammed President Judy Genshaft’s move as a “gross overreaction” that trampled on due process, ignored senior […]

Breaking: Private plane crashes 2 miles from campus, injures five

Durand: I’m afraid ‘we will lose a little momentum’

By Timothy Fanning Twice in his 13 years at USF St. Petersburg, V. Mark Durand has held key administrative posts as the university grew in size and stature. Now the prominent professor fears the controversy surrounding the abrupt dismissal of Regional Chancellor Sophia Wisniewska on Sept. 18 may smudge USF St. Petersburg’s image and blunt […]

President defends ouster of chancellor