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Student survey determines future of USFSP athletics

By Alexander Eubanks In a survey sent out to students on Monday, USF St. Petersburg took another step toward introducing athletics to the waterfront campus. After months of town halls marked by low turnout and meetings with student leaders, Fort Myers-based firm Athletic Staffing and Consultants hopes that the survey will provide some much needed […]

2018 USF signing class shows promise

Sports: a $1.5 million investment

By Delaney Brown and Alex Eubanks Let’s Talk Athletics, a Student Government sponsored forum, aimed to set the record straight on what the $1.5 million campus athletics program would look like. In order to be considered for admission into the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics and its Sun Conference, the university would be required to finance […]

McQueen: ERC verdict is a ‘witch hunt’

Campus athletics are possible, but at a cost

By Delaney Brown After years of suggestions to introduce intercollegiate sports, the university received an early study on the possibility of bringing them to campus.   It is entirely possible for the USF St. Petersburg campus to build an athletic program, according to senior vice president Kurt Patberg of Athletic Staffing and Consultants. Former Regional […]

McQueen: ERC verdict is a ‘witch hunt’