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Local business plants herbal roots in St. Petersburg

Local business plants herbal roots in St. Petersburg

From a sickly childhood to attending a college that didn’t advocate natural health, local business owner Destini Crosby (pictured above, left) now shares her knowledge of holistic health with downtown St. Petersburg.

“I was sick all the time. I always got colds, strep throat and different viruses. So when I actively took a role in my health, I started to see huge changes,” said Crosby.

“I didn’t have any guidance on how to transition into a healthier lifestyle,” said Crosby as she recounted the beginning of her college career. “All I knew was: I’m in college, I’m going to get fast food, that’s what you do.”

Her feelings are all too relatable for college students, but at 18, Crosby was inspired to meet with a Chinese medicine doctor.

“They really just took a lot of time with me and talked about all my health issues. “That was something I never got from my regular family M.D.,” said Crosby.

This shed some light onto the concept of natural healing. Crosby sought out more information on herbalism.

“I took some programs online, which were great and really informative, but you don’t physically have the connection to the plants,” said Crosby.

Crosby found an herbalism program at The Natural Health Hut where she studied for a year under Florida herbalist Rose Kalajian.

“I love that she loves Florida and she respects it and appreciates it and knows a lot about the plants,” said Crosby.

Crosby spent years manifesting the concept for her shop, Roots of the Sun, along with her co-owner Jake Galles (pictured above, right). The two settled on the area because of its large herbalist community.

The new herbal apothecary is off of Central Avenue and 21st Street N., the first of its kind in St. Petersburg.

“It turned out to be exactly what we wanted. It felt very serendipitous to have such a beautiful, whimsical space,” said Crosby. The location has an apartment upstairs where Crosby and Galles have planted their residential roots as well.

The foundation of the shop is to educate, support and promote health in the community. Roots of the Sun offers hand-blended teas based on each customer’s needs, the essentials needed to prepare your herbs properly and liquid herb blends, also known as tinctures.

The duo has hopes of landing their tea blends in local coffee shops and restaurants, as well as introducing college kits. The kits would have different themes such as a “Hangover Remedy” said Crosby, but essentially would be a way to help students find health.

Seeking to involve the community more, Crosby and Galles will introduce a line of chakra teas and host monthly workshops to teach what chakras are. They are also hosting a guided meditation among other free events to incorporate wellness and educate the community.


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