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At students’ request, Nelson Poynter Memorial Library extends hours

At students’ request, Nelson Poynter Memorial Library extends hours


By Whitney Elfstrom

Nelson Poynter Memorial Library will extend its hours beginning Sept. 25, allowing for an extra 20 hours per week.

The library will open Monday–Thursday 8 a.m.– 2 a.m., Friday 8 a.m.– 6 p.m. and Sunday 1 p.m.– 9 p.m.

Saturday hours are still being determined.

The library will track the results of the extended hours to audit library use.

Dean’s Decision: Catherine Cardwell, dean of Nelson Poynter Memorial Library, is taking measures to ensure that students are safe during the new extended hours. Courtesy of University of South Florida St. Petersburg

“We’re going to be keeping stats, just to make sure (the extended hours) are really being used,” Cardwell said. “(To see if) we need to be open to 2 a.m. throughout the year or if it’s just certain weeks. But we’re going to do it the whole year to see what the pace is.”

After being repeatedly requested by students last spring, Catherine Cardwell, the dean of the library, worked with the University Police Department to ensure that extending the hours was done safely.

“We’re taking some special security measures,” Cardwell said. “We are getting nine emergency phones throughout the library and we’re going to start asking people for their (student) ID’s after 8 o’clock as a safety measure.”

The library opened a Student Technology Center (STC). Unlike the Student Success Center, which centers around tutoring, the goal of the STC is to help students learn how to use Microsoft or Adobe applications.

Although the STC is unable to fix computers or provide installations, they will help answer software and hardware, as well as Canvas, MyMathLab and Proctorio questions.

“We can guide (students) through software installation such as Microsoft Office, which any student from USF can download for free, through (the libraries) website,” said Angela Couch, STC manager.

STC also provides a training room, where small groups can meet for technology training.

Students interested in graphic design will be able to use the digital maker space, which has access to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Helpful tools: The newly implemented STC teaches students how to use Microsoft and Adobe applications and answers questions about software, hardware, Canvas, MyMathLab and Proctorio. Brianna Rodriguez | The Crow’s Nest

The training room and digital maker space are available for reservation on the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library website.

Students who are looking for a place to study late or who may not be software savvy can seek solace in the library changes.

“I think what’s best is that this is helpful for every major,” said Lucas Mazintas, vice president of Sigma Tau Delta. “Whether you’re studying science, English or mathematics field you can always use these types of things. These are essential skills.”



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