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Letter to the editor: We’re only in crisis when we choose to give up

Letter to the editor: We’re only in crisis when we choose to give up


By David Thompson

Over the past few weeks much has been said about the status of our campus, phrased by some as a “campus in crisis.” As student body president, I want to make it clear that our campus has not lost any of its momentum, and is not in crisis.

Classes are continuing, new services are being brought online and events are clicking off with great success.

Just last week I had the opportunity to sit in on an Institutional Effectiveness Committee meeting, and was thoroughly impressed by the continued efforts of many senior leaders on our campus.  

What I want to make clear is that USF St. Petersburg is at a turning point; we can be weighed down by the change in leadership, or we can keep our stride, and push forward in the right direction toward a strong and united campus culture.

I will choose the latter, and I hope that my campus will rally together, as we do our part to make it what we know it can be.

This change won’t happen just because a small group of students want to make it happen. It requires an effort from all of the leaders on campus, especially our faculty members.

Faculty members are the first, and sometimes only, point of contact students have at the university.

It is imperative that we send a message of unity and strength to all of our students. We must encourage them to be active participants in our campus culture. Our campus is only in crisis when we choose to give up on the mission, vision and values we hold dear.

Some may call my optimism naive. Some may ridicule my belief that things are going well. But in my experience, both at this campus and in life, nothing is more powerful than when students, faculty and staff work together to achieve something.

I’ve witnessed life-changing moments at the intersection of academic and student affairs, new bonds formed and old barriers broken down.

I believe in the campus that USF St. Petersburg can be, and I know that we will achieve it, no matter the storms that breach our harbor. I know that together we can weather anything that comes our way.

This is our campus, our jewel by the bay, and nothing can stop it from shining.

Header photo courtesy of USFSP


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