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New scholarship for education majors

New scholarship for education majors


Above photo: Jake Burklew, junior education major (left), and Jordan Boyer, senior education major, became representatives of the College of Education when they received the Teacher Leader Scholarship. As such, their job was to inform students about the college at Get on Board Day Jan. 11. Madeline Seiberlich | The Crow’s Nest

By Madeline Seiberlich

The College of Education is looking to award a $5,000 scholarship to 25 students who have the potential to be student leaders.

The Teacher Leader Scholarship was created to help the College of Education become more competitive with local schools such as St. Petersburg College, according to advising coordinator Dr. Deanna Bullard.

In addition to maintaining a 3.5 GPA, applicants must include a personal essay, a resume that shows evidence of leadership in their community or college and two letters of recommendation that validate the student’s “potential as an outstanding educator.”

Students who receive the award will become ambassadors and be required to promote the department and recruit other students.

“By utilizing current students, prospective students will get the perspective of a student currently in the program,” said Jake Burklew, junior education major and scholarship recipient.“The requirements are pretty straightforward. You are required to get 20 students per semester to sign up for communication from the College of Education.”

Like many other opportunities, students have overlooked the Teacher Leader Scholarship. Only three recipients of a possible 25 have been awarded so far, but the college is hoping that the scholarship will receive more attention.

The award gives students the experience of being leaders for the department, both on and off the campus.

According to Bullard, the scholarship was created to provide incentive to both transfer and current students, to  “plant the seed” to encourage students to choose USF St. Petersburg.

Burklew and Jordan Boyer, a senior education major and scholarship recipient, will prepare informative talks for future students and attend events on campus as representatives of the College of Education.

“I think the goal is that we increase students in the College of Education and promote our credibility as a solid choice of university with a great education program,” said Boyer.

The application for the Teacher Leader Scholarship can be found at: https://www.usfsp.edu/college-of-education/files/2018/01/USFSP-18-19-USFSP-COE-Teacher-Leader-Award-Application.pdf. Applications are due to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships by 5:00 p.m. April 15.


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