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SG supreme court denies McQueen’s case

By Emily Wunderlich and Whitney Elfstrom Student Government’s supreme court unanimously decided Monday that it would not take Mariah McQueen’s case against the election rules commission. Now student body presidential candidate Kaeden Kelso will run unopposed in the upcoming election. He will need one more vote than 50 percent approval to assume the presidency. McQueen […]

SG presidential candidate disqualified a week before campaign

Above photo: Mariah McQueen, junior marketing major and senate committee and policy chair, was disqualified from running in next week’s student body president race. Courtesy of Mariah McQueen By Emily Wunderlich Student body presidential candidate Mariah McQueen and running mate Samantha Fiore were disqualified Monday from the upcoming Student Government election for illegally obtaining signatures […]

SG supreme court denies McQueen’s case

Further muddling a mystery: Student Government leaders resign

Six months after they mysteriously took leaves of absence, the president and vice president of Student Government have resigned. Ziya Kardas, who was elected president last spring, did not announce or explain his resignation, which first came up at a Student Government meeting on Jan. 30. A week later, Vice President Gina Rotunno also resigned. […]

SG supreme court denies McQueen’s case

SG recommends fee increases

USF St. Petersburg’s Student Government held an emergency general assembly meeting on Feb. 4 to vote on increases to student health fees and activity and services fees. Senators at the assembly meeting voted to approve a total $1.58 increase to the two fees, which are charged to all students per credit hour every semester. The […]

Students plan recycling cans

The USF St. Petersburg Sustainability Initiative launched a recycling campaign calling for 20 new recycling stations on campus. Sophia Constantine, a deputy of Student Government’s Sustainability Initiative and Sarah Smith, a SG senator, will propose the bill on Feb. 8, asking for about $10,000 to fund the project. The new recycling stations would replace the […]

My big fat Greek problem

There’s a bill in the senate asking members of Student Government to pledge their support for Greek life. It’s an unusual concept, as most senators have never experienced it. If there’s one argument I’m tired of hearing, it’s that “If you don’t like Greek life, you can just choose not to go Greek.” It doesn’t […]